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File type, bit rate and sample rate in evidence (FIDELITY)

I have a mixed collection (filetypes and bit rates), and also care a lot about audio fidelity. I always want to know what kind of file I'm listening to. Bit rate and kbps can be shown in the play list (sample rate can't) but we frequently are using other views. I think this is basic information that should be shown in a more explicit way, something like the attached picture, just as an illustration. It's possible to do it a way better than that.. :)

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Though I prefer to see it in another line beneath album-name (release-year). Something like this:

%artist% - %title%
%album% (%releaseyear%)
%filetype% - %frequency% - %currentbitrate%* / %bitrate%

* Yeah, I know there's no %currentbitrate%, but it would be really great to see the actually alternating currently used bitrate.


I think Sven's idea is the good thing to choose here, since it adds better possibilities for the end-user to change the data.

I do not think currentbitrate can be supported though.

To be further analysed (it won't appear before the first release, but I'l set it to planned anyway)

I guess it would be a good idea to use the common template engine for this?

(Rename files, user columns etc.)

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Well, if you want to make this customizable, yes it would.

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Implemented in a first version in:

Configuration can be made from Options > Visual

A side-effect is that since the content is now fully dynamic, linking per-field is no longer supported.

{{filetype}} is a new introduced field which also can be used in the Rename tool

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