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SHIFT+ARROWS in Tag Editor Tool / "Auto count down"

In HMM12 tag editor tool, we no longer can select using SHIFT+ARROWS, which is very useful to paste multiple cells at once.

Also I noticed that apply "auto count down" (is that name) is also no longer available. Can you bring it back?

>>which is very useful to paste multiple cells at once.

Have you tiried to paste tab-separated data from the clipboard?

Works perfect, also in combination with multiple rows.

>>Also I noticed that apply "auto count down" 

Do you mean auto-track down? Or more exactly, which feature are you missing, what should the result be?

I think you was refering to auto-track down. 

An extension will be included to that function in the next build, which will perform auto-track ONLY for the selected cells.

It will also work on any string or integer column type.

 Yes, I mean "auto track down".

>Have you tiried to paste tab-separated data from the clipboard?

No, I mean copying a cell in the tag editor (CTRL+C) and with SHIFT+ARROWS to select multiple cells. Then I can paste all cell at once with CTRL+V.

I see, that should be possible to add.

Both features implemented in helium_12.0.14240.0.exe

Auto track down works (right clicking).
Selecting multiple cells (SHIFT+ARROW), copy and paste also works.
Copying one cell, selecting multiple cells (SHIFT+ARROW) and paste DOESN'T work.


>>Copying one cell, selecting multiple cells (SHIFT+ARROW) and paste DOESN'T work. 

That's not implemented.

Only the selection in the clipboard will be pasted, you cannot copy a single cell valy and paste to multiple cells.

This was something that could be done in HMM11 that I would like it to be kept, but I understand that it much more useful in HMM11, given its mass editing capabilities (since it can edit tracks out of database).


Can you please describe what and how you used it in Helium 11 ? 

I cannot see exactly what you are trying to achive. (If you exclude the other feature request - editing tracks not in the database)

I tend to think that this function is not neccesary until possibly we will support tracks not in the database.

Given HMM11 can edit tags in tracks out of database, I used to put all new album folders into one preliminary folder, let's say 20 albums.

1.In that folder I can rename album folders in order to meet my standard (File explorer)
2.Load that folder in HMM11, so it will see all tracks of all albums
3.Call de tag editor tool
4.Sort by Album

From now on I can freely edit all tags the way I want. Total tracks of an album can be copyed (one cell), select all cells in the same column of the same album (SHIFT+UP), paste all cells at once.
I can clean a lot of crap coming in tags, all at once.
I can edit all other tags needed.

Once tag editor is done, the folder containing all albums can be added to the database, all at once.
Then I can move albums to the right locations, something that HMM11 can do in Music Explorer even by drag and drop.

Auto track down of HMM12 (selected cells only) would be great in this workflow. Calculate replay gain (or bpm/key) at this stage is very time saving.

This is only a particular example, this feature can be used in many many ways, even when editing one album at a time, but that above scenario is where it excels.

That's why I claim that a mass editing support is so important and why I can't survive whithout it.

Thanks for the example, I think though that you should clone this information to the mass-tagging-of-files-not-in-the-database request, since it more relates to that topic than this one.

This information might help people to understand the possible benefints and upvote that request.

>>Auto track down of HMM12 (selected cells only) would be great in this workflow. 

This should already work

>>Calculate replay gain (or bpm/key) at this stage is very time saving.

BPM and key is already supported, gain calculation is not supported (it is not in Helium 11 neither) but can be added (if of interest, please report to a new request, since this one is closed)

What's missing is apply down/apply to selection only. It might be possible that this will be implemented before the first official release.

That's something we will analyse.

Yes, I thought about it. Will post there too.
About auto track down, I confirm that it works, it was just a comment the benefit in that scenario.

I will post a request to calculate gain from the editor tool.


Improvements to Apply down (=Apply to selection if multiple cells are selected) implemented in build helium_12.0.14243.0.exe

I didn't made it clear in my example, so I'm still missing the possibility in tag editor tool:
1. Copy one cell
2. SHIFT+ARROW selecting many cells
3. Paste
First cell is now copyed to all cells.


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