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Extracting multiple artists

When I'm in the artist tab, I can see artists that need to be separated into multiple artists. However, when I right click on ... well anything ... from that tab, I can't seem to find a way to split the artists. Edit Artist doesn't give splitting as an option. Am I missing something?

Also, when I do split an artist, it would be really helpful if HMM would give me a chance to define the sort order for the newly created artists.

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Hi Michael,

We are not exactly sure which view you are refering to, but splitting of multiple artists are done via the any of Tag editors.

There's no option do it directly from the Artists view since it relates to tag-data.

From the Tag editor you can do it by selecting the artist cell you would like to split and then select Extract > Multiple artists (Shift+Ctrl+A)

I guess it would make sense to add a way to get to the Extract > Multiple Artists from the Edit Artist Information dialog box. It's a bit counterintuitive to have to get into a tag editor (which relates to a track) when the information to be changed is how the database thinks about the artist.

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> when the information to be changed is how the database thinks about the artist.
Well, it's not that simple... This is also stored in tags... ;-)

But, I think this is a great idea.

I think this should be done with a menu item in the context-menu in artists view (Split multiple artists...). 1. The "Edit multiple artists" dialog opens and the user can split the artist.
2. Helium creates new artists, if needed.
3. Helium links all related tracks to the selected artists
4. Helium removes the abandoned artist
5. Helium tags all related tracks with the new data

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