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Lightweight skinning support

Getting a lightweight skinning-support, where colors can be edited and Icons be replaced, would be great.

This could be done by a folder in %appdata%\Helium 12 (%appdata%\Helium 12\skins\%skinname%) where all icons would be placed. The icons would have to have defined filenames (musicexplorer.png, releases.png, ...) and there would be a config-file for the colors (colors.json).

Helium would read all subfolders and the user could select the skin in options.

Skinnable should be all icons (incl. player buttons, default artist, default release and default label) and all colors (incl. background, menu-background, texts, buttons, selected row, alternating row). Maybe also the font could be changeable.

(53.4 KB)

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