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Gaps between tracks

I just listen to a live performance (OGG) and I get short gaps between the tracks. This is also happening with FLAC and MP3 files.

This happens whether I use WASAPI or not.

This can happen because gapless playback is not 100% implemented (it relates to cross-fading), so this is not a bug.

You can try to increase the playback buffer which helps in some cases but not all, it depends on where your files are stored.

Subtracks should be fully gapless though, if played in order.

Well, this is a little disappointing for a modern player... any idea / plan when this will be "corrected"?


Does this occur only for specific files? Did you tried to increase the buffer? For me, increasing the buffer helped except for very long files where it helped to have the files on my ssd instead of my (slow) nas. We plan to start testing the crossfader after the release the next week.

I have tried to force this to happen for a couple of albums now, but with no luck.

No gaps occured for me and it really should not because if you are using WASAPI the playback goes through a mixer which is used to avoid gaps.

If you do not use WASAPI software playback is used and then gaps might occur.

Can you share the problematic album with me for further testing?

If I use WASAPI I get the gap not between the tracks, but when the new track is shown (see this bug-report).

I use the graphical position indicator (spectrogram), maybe that's causing this?!

Can you please try without the spectrogram (use the normal position indicator).

If the problem still remains, please share the files with me. (Edit if reproducable then, I will move this to the request related to crossfading since it involves another preload handling and not relying on the buffer in the same way)

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