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Missing auto-restart

When switching languages or toggling WASAPI mode Helium does not automatically restart.

works by me with 14248


This issue relates to the single-instance handling.

It needs to be analysed further, but for now I won't priorotize it, thanks for reporting though.

in 14250 works well for me

This is a bit hard to test/reproduce. It depends on the active (previous active views) and the size of your database.

So it is actually implemented, but the single-instance prevention can block this function if it executes too quick.

I have no good solution at the moment to ensure that this works to 100% so I will need to continue to test it.

I'm moving this to our internal bug tracking system so that we can continue to what this one.

It generally should wor with build 14254 but it might be some case that still does not work.

Im therefore mark this as fixed (its bad that we only can use two states for tickets here), despite some (rare)case might remain to fix.

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