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storing settings in view

in artist view, there are 3 options for view: thumbnails, cards and split. if I set cards, after restart it goes back to thumbnails. (also in releases, artists and labels). is possible change setting from per session to storing setting?

wait a minute, i give you a video

EWeiss i know, but when i close helium and after that started it again, setings in that view are back to "default" :/


Hmm that is strange..

That Problem is,  it work by me..

I can Change to thumbnails after restart "thumbnails" is aktive view

the same with other Cards or split.

Settings is stored.


link is there, just remove underscores

also i have test again..

artists is stored Change form thumbnails to Cards or split

Labels not stored

Releases not stored

i have send this as Bug Report for 2 months

the answer from Mikael.

>>View filters are not persisted between sessions, so no bug. If you would like us to implement this for a >>future release, please add it as a feature request :)


Please note that the fix only related to view modes (cards, thumbs and split) - not filters. I will view the movie tomorrow to see more in detail about the bug.

ok, im still talking about view modes, not using filters right now. good night and wait for result tomorrow 

>>cards, thumbs and split

and that work by me..

not the filters.. i think that is what Igor missing..


This is weird but I managed to reproduce it as shown in Igors video.

He closed it via the File > Exit menu, I closed the application from the top-right X.

When closed via the menu some call to save settings seems not to be invoked which will result in that settings are not stored.

>>>He closed it via the File > Exit menu

yes.. i see same Trouble here after Close over Menu


now it works perfect, good work Mikael :)

Great to hear, thanks for the confirmation Igor.

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