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A new view - Quick Temporary Collection

I would like to have a new view, called something like "Quick Colletion" (a concept borrowed by Adobe Lightroom), for temporary purposes.
We would be able to mark any album to the "Quick Collection" turning to be easy to find previously marked albums.
Specially useful for large collections when we:

1. Need easy access to albums that we plan to listen in the future
2. Want to collect albums for tagging jobs for a future session
3. Want to take apart albums that we want to share to someone else
4. Want to mark LoFi albums that we want to replace by HiFi ones

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Should the albums be presented just as in the albums view ?

Yes, I think it's just what is needed.
Album (somewhere in the album square) would have a toogle to include/remove it from the quick collection.

This is implemented, but the version it is implemented in will contain a database upgrade which will make Streamer 3 unusable.

If you are interested in testing this version and a new Streamer update, contact us via the Customer center for links or wait until the weekend when the next beta will be released.

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