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Artist field not displaying

When I select the Tracks view, the Artist field for every track is blank. Album Artist displays as expected. The same behavior happens in the Genres view. I tried removing the Artist column and adding it back. No luck. And I checked the tags of my tracks and all of them have the Artist field filled in.

Yes, it is a little too big. Maybe you can share it via Dropbox or a similar service?

You can contact me, and send the link if you would not like to expose it to the public.

@Michael: Please do a test to download the most recent release, helium_12.0.14273.0.exe, and recrate your library with that version to see if it helps.

I just downloaded and installed the newest update to the software. I deleted all of the data in my test database and, just for the heck of it, add a large batch of folders. And everything worked properly. Artists display in the Artist view and the Artist field is populated in the Track view.

Thanks for the re-test Michael. Great to hear that our recent fixes helped.
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