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Artist field not displaying

When I select the Tracks view, the Artist field for every track is blank. Album Artist displays as expected. The same behavior happens in the Genres view. I tried removing the Artist column and adding it back. No luck. And I checked the tags of my tracks and all of them have the Artist field filled in.

Artists view is blank. Test database is 14MB. Is that too big to upload here?

Yes, it is a little too big. Maybe you can share it via Dropbox or a similar service?

You can contact me, and send the link if you would not like to expose it to the public.

@Michael: Please do a test to download the most recent release, helium_12.0.14273.0.exe, and recrate your library with that version to see if it helps.

I just downloaded and installed the newest update to the software. I deleted all of the data in my test database and, just for the heck of it, add a large batch of folders. And everything worked properly. Artists display in the Artist view and the Artist field is populated in the Track view.

Thanks for the re-test Michael. Great to hear that our recent fixes helped.

>>Hey, here's a quick thought. I remember that HMM11 had a quality check utility. Would running something like that on my music files help find any corrupted files? And, if so, does HMM12 have such a utility built in?

Yes, Helium 12 has the same too, Analyse files.

That tool can find broken tags, but if they are partially broken it might not be identified with that tool.

I was unable to reproduce this:

If you create a small test database, will you still get the same problem?

If so, can you please share one or two files resulting in this problem?


I created a very small test database (one artist with a few albums) and it worked properly. Then I created a larger test database (about 30 artists, most with just one album) and it worked properly. Then I created a larger database (about 80 artists) and it worked properly. Then I created a database with all of the files on my thumb drive (591 artists) and ... no artists show up in the Artist field. So somewhere between 80 and 591 artists is a problem ... or one of the artists has bad data that is corrupting everything else.

My test was made with a database with 141.000 tracks and about 25.000 artists, so the amount is not the problem. More likely related to one or more specific files. If you somehow can find a file that cause the trouble or share all involved files, please let us know.

I'm doing some additional testing (though time may be limited right now). I'll get back to you if and when I find the problem.

Thanks Michael.

So this is interesting. I started a new test database. Added about 50 artists (I moved the artist folders from my usual music folder into a new test folder). Everything was good. Added 50 more artists (moved those folders to the test folder). Everything was good. Kept doing that until I had about 500 artists. Everything was good. Then I created a new database and added those same 500 artists in bulk (added the test folder). And boom! No artists display in the artist field.

Any other suggestions of how to track down the problem?

The only way I can think of at the moment if we get access to the files needed to reproduce the problem. I Did a similar test, added som random files from mixed artists (about 600) and no problem occured.

I'll see if I can try a few other tests, but probably not until tomorrow.

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