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Music Explorer>Library>Tree - First track out of order

Calling the tag editor tool from the MUSIC EXPLORER>LIBRARY>TREE always returns the first track out of order.

I cannot reproduce this:

Tag editor was invoked via Ctrl+E, tested on multiple folders.

 I tryed more a dozen of times, and 1 right 11 wrong. The track that is going to be out of order seems to be random.

Please let me know if you need any more information.

Using last version 12.0.14263.0

(38.9 KB)
I need to know the exact steps you are performing when this occurs; 1) Do yo do any selection of files manually, is so how 2) How do you invoke the Tag editor, via keyboard shortcuts or via a menu 3) Do you have any specific sorting active

 I'm awway from the computer right now, but try the following:

1) Try selecting one track and CTRL+A to select all tracks. Try with no selectiong at all too.
3) I don't know what sorting you refers to. I have sorting for other views, which I think do not relates to Music explorer (Releases: YEAR (desc), ALBUM (asc), NONE)
I have sorting for the albums in the artist view as well (showing by year (desc) also). I cannot describe it without taking a look in the settings, but I can complement the information if needed.

Thanks, I managed to reproduce it by selecting a track in the middle of the list and then CTRL+A.

Fixed in next build.



Fixed in:


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