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Play queue background images

It would be cool, if we could get images in the play queue background.

I would like to see alternating release image and artist image for the currently playing track.

Configurable should be...

...the time for image alternating. (The attached video uses 5 seconds.)

...alternating images, only artist / release image, a static image or none at all.

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Even it's deffered I like the idea too.

Maybe it could it done the way seach and display pictures from (.slideshow) folders all along the folder structure where the actual song is. Example:










So anyone can personalize what is displayed.

All these visualization modes that are implemented over the years for me are more or less better screensaver that I'd never use. Staring at them hurts after some minutes.

There is a freeware MusicManager with an insect in its name (I guess you know which one I mean)

that has wonderful different (also can be edited by user) theatrical modes.

If there is a way (by scripting?) to get them into Helium as Visualization Mode?

This would made Helium 12 state-of-the-art for a long time and distance.

(1.55 MB)
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