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Please read this before posting bugs

When posting a bug report please ensure that you:

1) Are using the most recent version of Helium

2) Include enough reproduction information so that we can reproduce the issue

3) Include information about which file type it relates to (e.g. FLAC, MP3), which database you are using (default if not changed) and which operating system you are using.

4) Include information about which exact tool/view the bug occured in.

5) If a third party tagging tool or such is involved in the process (e.g. tags cannot be read, tags are not updated), be sure to include information about that in the reproduction steps.

6) Be prepared to share involved files/databases needed to reproduce the issue.

If a bug raises the error reporting dialog in Helium, please fill it in since it will send us additional details about the issue.

Please note that if you are a licensed customer and would like the quickest possible support, please contact us via our Customer center,

Also, please remember that the more information provided with your report, the quicker we will be able to assist you.

 This Bug appears if the analyse file function is called. The material is .flac created by EAC with Vorbis tags and cover included.The joined result is fine anyway.

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Please post bugs into new threads, this thread was accidentially not locked. It contains only the rules for posts.

Also, please be sure to include information about which Helium version you are using. (This issue seems to relate to Helium 11 or a prior version)