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Carousel View

Any chance to get back the beautiful, lovely, amazing carousel view ("coverflow")

In combination with the old artists we had a clearly arranged tripartite view with all available infos at once.

Yes, works!
Looks funny. Thank you very much for this plugin!

All the best



if you has more then one Cover in the Circle then you can Play any of this if you want.

1. Click on the Cover which you want play

a new window goes open.

2. Click on the new Window you can see any Information of this Album.

3. Click on Play.. the selected Album will add then to the Play Queue and Play the first File to.


(1.35 MB)
(1.54 MB)

if you want see cover you must have following file in the Album Folder

any Types *.bmp or *.jpg or *.png

 Folder.jpg or (Artist - Album) sample (Enja - Pilgrim.jpg)

If you want see a Label inside the CD you must have following file in the Album Folder

any Types *.bmp or *.jpg or *.png

sample CDLabel.jpg


(768 KB)

the cover Circle rotate if your move the mouse left or right in the Vis Window.

that is all.


Can I get a link to your plugin? The one you posted is not active anymore.


Ok Download link should work again.


Hi, if you refer to
Then the link is not working...


The link was valid until 10 minutes ago.

i have deactivate no thanks for my work, no feeback nothing.


I am not willing to publish the plugin further



 No problem. Thanks.


Sorry, I only can give feedback when I'm able to download and install your plugin. And yesterday the link was dead.

I would suggest that you open a new thread related to this topic (the plug-in) to get more clear feedback (hopefully!) and not mixing topics.

This can be important since the original topic is marked as closed so readers might miss it.

We are reopening this one in defered state. We are doing some tests with different coverflow alike views and made some progress.

We are doing some progress with the reintroduction of this feature.

Initialliy it will be available from the releases view as a new view mode and work nice together with the direct-filter.

The performance is really great even with a lot of items. 

Browsing through the releases can be done via:

  • The mouseweel (up/down) which will give a very quick scroll
  • With the scrollbar, usefull when browsing a lot of albums
  • By clicking a specific item

The view can be customized for example it will be possible to control the number of items shown, if skewing (perspective) shall be used and much more.
Light and dark theme is of course supported.

Hardware accelleration and item virtualisation (rendering of only visible items) will be used for optimal speed.

Here's a screenshot showing a flat view with scaling (no skewing) and reflections:


Here's the same view with skewing applied:


Please note that he tracklist is only displaying primitive data at the moment, but it will of course use the full tracklist.

A first version of this new view is now implemented and available for initial testing. If you are interested in testing it, send us a note via

The view looks like this:


Thank you Mikael.


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