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Rename/Moving files - Preview


Please bring back the old preview when renaming files. In my opinion the old tool was more clear, shows the new structure. The new one is more flexible, like some kind of regular expression. 

...and I cannot edit/save a template.

HMM version 2.014299.0

Thanks and regards


At the moment we have no plans to reintroduce the old preview. Sorry.

You should be able to load/save templates though, they should appear in the drop-down with templates.

Isn't that working for you?

Hi Mikael. 

Ohhh,that's sad for me :-(

No, I can't see anything. Just the default in the drop-down, but thats all. I can overwrite it but cannot save.



Hi Stephan,

We have tried to reproduce this in various ways, but saving of templates seems to work the way we are testing it.

Can you please open a support issue for this via:

I'm closing the request since we are not planning to implement the old renaming system at the moment.

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