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Helium creates Multi-Enties in the fields Year and Album-Arist. It does happen after all tagging with Helium (12). As it seems it is not shown in Helium as long as the files has not been re-added to Helium or changed outside of Helium.

See what the result is, through taggings.

Beginner album is new, empty field of album-artist, but result is the same ....

How can we stop Helium, creating multiple entries with the same value inside in these fields? I can't go on tagging like this.

Thanks for your post. We will try to reproduce this and correct it as soon as we can.

Very quick update:

1) I got multiple album artists when tagging ONLY with Helium 11.5 also. This happens because MP3Tag merges both TPE2 and TXXX('AlbumArtist') to the same tag-frame, despite it is two separate frames

2) I could reproduce the year issue when tagging with Helium 12. It happens because of the same reason, the TYER field (ID3v2.3) and the TDRC (ID3v2.4) is merged into the same tag-frame in MP3Tag. In Helium 11.5, the tag compability mode omitted writing of the TDRC frame when a TYER is written.

So, to summarize, we can fix the year issue, but the merging of album-artist is how MP3Tag have decided to merge these frames, hence it is unfortunately out of our control.

Ok, here comes an updated version:

This version corrects the year problem, only one year will now be shown in MP3Tag.

Tested like this:

1) Selected an album in Helium 11, removed all ID3v2 tags

2) Added the album to a new Helium 12 database

3) Changed recording year to 1999 and release year to 2000, saved changes

4) Opened the files in MP3Tag v2.78 > Year shown as 1999

I have also contacted the author of MP3Tag and asked about why the album artist tag frames are merged .


in MP3Tag forum I got an answer:

Dieses Helium erzeugt ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld für Daten, für die es sowohl einen definierten Begriff in MP3tag als auch ein definiertes Feld im Standard gibt, nämlich TPE2 - warum machen die das? Warum nehmen die nicht auch TPE2 sondern gehen den Umweg über ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld?
Ein benutzerdefiniertes Feld hat den Nachteil, dass es nicht unbedingt von allen Abspielern gezeigt wird (eigentlich nur solchen, wo man die Felder selbst definieren kann).
Jedenfalls: solange du MP3tag verwendest, werden Felder mit dem Namen ALBUMARTIST auf TPE2 abgebildet.
Wenn du ein Feld mit dem Namen "ALBUM_ARTIST" in Helium erzeugst, wird es so beibehalten bleiben, wette ich.

It says in one sentence: Why does Helium create a user defined field (TXXX) instead of TPE2?
So it will be merged as Helium uses a self defined field. Would it be the standard TPE2 it would be overwritten. So what is the reason behind it?

I will test the new version today evening ....


>>So what is the reason behind it?

The reason is to maintain compatibility with other players/devices which does not properly handle the TPE2 tags.

I do not remember exactly, but I think that iTunes was one of them which handled this a bit odd.

What we can do is to create a setting (in Helium 12, not in Helium 11) which only writes TPE2 and not TXXX to avoid data-doubling.

Sounds great!!!


Please try with this version instead (old link is removed):

This version allows you to configure if Album artist should be saved in TPE2 only (default) or in TPE2 and TXXX for compatibility reasons.

You can control this from Options > General

Sound great. Will test today and let you know.


NOW THIS IS IT !!! On the files I tested the doubled entires are gone!!! No more trouble about doubled/wrong entries. Tagging as it should be. Switched through several other programs - it's all fine! For me this is a major step!!! Great!

One thing I noticed through checking about the tags. The tracks I tagged in Helium 12 have doubled ( in some cases four) front pictures inside. I can delete them out of the tags but reopen the file - two same pictures still there. Should I open up a new case?


Great to hear that it worked, thanks for testing and reporting.

Regarding the pictures, yes, please open a new case and attach one file with four pictures we can use for testing.

Also please let us know how you remove them (which tool).


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