Helium 12.0.3 beta now available (build 12.0.14327)

I will try to change picture folders to SSD.
But my full database (messy and unsorted) would be very slow with all the pictures but it wasn't ...


(412 KB)
Pictures on SSD with new database.
Played a track, clicking to statistics, clicking to releases. Ring for loading shows up. still the same performance problems.


We have some ideas of possible optimizations that we will try within upcoming builds. Be sure to follow the announcements to get access to early test versions.


That looks extremely slow to me.

Here's what it looks with your DB on my system (running in debug mode).

(I had to add a local album I got so I could play music)

and that's the point which I wanted you to see.
official release with all data inside was fine.
I can switch back to official release and all will be fine too.
When I take the beta's it gets slower with each new release. Latest beta 0.3 is the slowest by far.


i understand my databse on your system is fast (as it should) but why?


But I was also running the most recent beta, build 14339 on my movie.

It somehow seems system specific since I did not got any differences in performance when I tested with your database with the most recent build compared to the official version.

Possibly you can try to inactivate antivirus to see it helps or test from another machine.

If nothing helps, please open a private support ticket and we can continue for there. I might need to do a remote connect to your machine to analyse it specifically on your machine.

antivirus is disabled so it can't be the case.

Windows 10 is new, so it's an almost empty and brand new installed system.


Hm. Yesterday Helium was running well for me, but this morning it's getting sluggish again after sitting idle most of yesterday and overnight. Right now when I click on a menu, point to an artist node, click an artist, etc. everything takes about half a second to respond. Restarting Helium doesn't help, but I just rebooted my computer and it's snappy again. Currently running build 12.0.14336.0.

I have noticed that I sometimes need to restart my MySql service to get it to run properly again (it seems to act bad after an up-time of ~1 day or such)

Maybe this helps (I do not remember if you were using MySql or not)

Yeah, I am using MySql. I'll let it run and when it get slow again I'll restart the service--- good suggestion.

We have identified a case where the releases view tends to load slower depending on the number of times visited.

We will continue to analyse this issue.

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