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Advanced tag editor might automatically replace artist

"Sabrina Setlur" is a known artist to Helium 12 (stored in contentdata.json). Now I want to edit the tags of a track from "Sabrina" - Helium 12 will now automatically replace "Sabrina" from tags with the known "Sabrina Setlur"... :-(

This does not happen using the spreadsheet tag editor.

Which steps do we need to perform to reproduce this with a clean DB?

Steps for reproduction:

1. Create a clean database

2. Close Helium

3. Copy the attached contentdata.json into C:\Users\%username%\AppData\Roaming\Imploded Software\Helium 12

4. Start Helium

5. Add the attached 01. Sabrina - Boys, Boys, Boys.mp3 to the library

6. Edit tags of this file using the advanced tag editor


Reproduced, thanks.

This seems to be a general problem with contentdata.json - using the attached file will also automatically change the track title...



Please try this build:

The fix affects all text-button controls (artist, genre et. al.) as well as all standard text controls.

This build crashes immediately after the nag-screen disappears - I don't even get the crash reporter...

(53.1 KB)

I just tried the build on a clear non-dev machine and I could not reproduce this.

Can you try to wipe the settings and the json files?

I got it working, problem solved.


Great to hear, thanks for testing!

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