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Release details: Customizing the information area

I would like to customize the "information area" of the release details pages (see attached picture).

Customizing it simply the same way as we do for custom columns or player information.

Linking is not needed, but would be nice to have.

Maybe it is better to just allow the order if the items to be changable? There is much less information available for an album vs a track so I think templating is not of much use here.
Well, there are several information I'd like to add here - copyright, catalog number, part of series, media and a few custom fields.
...which is not possible to do, since those fields are track fields and can differ per track in album (very common). In short - fields from tblAlbums is safe to use, not fields from tblDetail or other fields.
Well, what's safe to use, depends on the user... all these fields are album related in my database...

Simply use the values from the first track, so even when a user selects fields with various data, Helium don't run into problems. ;-)
You wont run into trouble with crashes, but we will run into support trouble with users which really likes to use track 7/22 instead the first. I need to think this over more..
To be honest, support is easy: "Since this area is about release-related information, you should only use fields, which contain the same data for all tracks."
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