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Folder structure in Music explorer

I'm not sure if it's an error or normal operation, but there are several strange things in the Music explorer.

First, I understand what should be the normal operation: a database called Collection (2.677 tracks, 552 albums, 428 artists) having the following folder structure on hard drive:

F:\(Complementos)\Recopilación\Álbumes (A-I)\[Artist]\[Album]\

F:\(Complementos)\Recopilación\Álbumes (J-Z)\[Artist]\[Album]\

F:\(Complementos)\Recopilación\Temas sueltos\ -> [Tracks]

In Helium Music Explorer It is shown so that it seems to me logical, respecting the original directory structure:


Attach the file musicexplorer (recopilacion).json (254 Kb)

With the second database problems begin (database name: Music. 75.000 tracks, 5.900 albums, 3.150 artists Attach musicexplorer (music).json (2.417 Kb)):

- Folder structure on hard drive:

F:\A\A Certain Ratio\I'd Like To See You Again [First letter of the artist name\Artist\Album]

- The following image shows a logical structure within the folder 1-9


- But already it is seen what is clearer in the next picture:


A folder named A is not shown, and within it the relationship of artists starting with that letter. With a list of 3.150 artists the computer slows down and is very uncomfortable locate a folder.

- The strangest thing is showing a specific folder, [Antologías, BSO, Colecciones, Sueltos], a lot of folders that have no content (you enter them and not show anything)


Is this the normal behavior of the Music explorer?

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