Helium 12.0.4 beta now available (build 12.0.14349)

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Please report the full problem description into a bug report so that we can review it further.

Also, please include information if you are using the docked Play queue or not.

Since this Beta the right sidebar always open "Lyrics". I must close at every startup of Helium.
Could i turn it off, or is there a bug?


Thanks, removing the  helium.json, file did the trick

Since yesterday's Beta release, I am unable to load the program. Crashed immediately after reading play queue.

Hi Walt,

We could not reproduce this behavior during our tests. Can you please open a new Bug report ticket with all reproduction steps and database information used during your test.

We tried to reproduce this with a MySql database and a Sql Compact database.


Good fixes and improvements, though I have a consistently reproducible crash: If I go into an artist node and click all tracks (in my case it was about 90 tracks total), select all the tracks, then go to tools/rename, Helium crashes immediately. If I go into the albums one at a time and rename the tracks it doesn't crash.

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