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Biography in HTML format

Would it be possible that the biography you stored in HTML format? That would include web links

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Great, thanks.


Please retry with:

For any bug reports, please report them via the support center

Lyrics and reviews might come later. Please add separate requests for these to simplify state tracking.

1) I can see if it is possible to add a semi-transparent background as long as it does not affect performance too much

2) I can see if this can be auto translated somehow.

What about lyrics and reviews? Do you plan to implement this for those too?

And there are two problems with the implemantation:

I. The biography's background is opaque - it would be nicer to get it transparent.
II. The biography's old formatting is broken now: \r\n is not translated into <br />.


Album review and lyrics should also get HTML support... ;-)


Just keep the embedded links to open in a external browser.


Are good news :)

Reopened, we might have something that works without an embedded webbrowser dependency (which was used in prior Helium versions)

Sorry, this is not possible at the moment. We are reviewing this topic, but at the moment there is no solution available.
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