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Problem with Music explorer and Custom field


Finally, given the problems with the Music explorer folder structure, I passed to MySQL. 

But I find a strange thing: I added the Custom field 1 to the Music explorer and instead of showing more than 6,000 songs that have a stored value. only shows 63. 

I checked the values ​​stored through Advanced search and through MySQL Workbench and everything is correct. Where is the problem?


To be able to analyse this further, please share a backup of your MySql database with us (you can contact us in private if you prefer to not expose your database to the public).

Also please describe the exact reproduction steps in English so that we know what to test. Unfortunately we are not speaking Spanish.

Agree. I send an email with the database

- In Options, show the Custom1 field in Music Explorer

- Do an advanced search in cuestom1 field with text "Arts". Result: 6.172 tracks

- Go to Music explorer, Custom1 node: Only shows 63 tracks

This issue is resolved in the next release.

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