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default play queue?

in last beta 14349 program starts always to play queue. is it bug or feature?

Have you docked the Play Queue in the right sidebar?

no, without docked sidebar

so i testet it and found this: when in menu is active "dock play queue...." all is working fine, but when that dock is active then program starts with full screen queue 

and on right side is in both cases pane lyrics. when dock is not active, there is only lyrics, when dock is active there are both in one pane - queue and lyrics. and i dont find how to disable lyrics

You can hide the right sidebar from View > Now playing if that was what you refered to.

We will most likely rename that menu entry for an upcoming version.

ok, so change i problem:

1. dock play and now playing are off and H starts with queue 

2. dock play is on and now playing is off and H starts with last view and right dock

3. dock play is on and now playing is on and H starts again with last view and right dock

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good work. and can you please send me actual language file? 

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thank you. :)

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