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Add file type filter to duplicate finder

I would like to filter the file type when using the duplicate finder. For example I don't always want to see my FLAC and MP3 duplicates, I might only want to display MP3. It would be nice if there was an option on the right where I could select what file types are displayed in the duplicate finder. 

May I ask why this feature was not considered? It would be very helpful to filter on specific file types in the duplicate finder. I would assume other users have a similar workflow as such FLAC files are converted to MP3 and exist in the same Helium library. I would really like to only check for duplicates against specific types like just MP3 or just FLAC. Without this the files I converted from FLAC to MP3 will always show up in the duplicate finder. I know I can use the specific folder option (which you just fixed, and will hopefully be released soon) but this is not always going to get me the results I need within the duplicate finder.

Please reconsider this feature. 


It was closed for now during our last clean job since it was not upvoted by other users.

Possibly it might get reopened again, but we would prefer to see some more interest from other users before that since it is quite a complex task to handle.

Reopened, we got some more feedback related to this.

Implemented in Helium 12.4 beta

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