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Streamer doubled all entries

Under Web-Streamer I used the function scan folder from the folders already in use

as there were some files new in the database which were not shown in Streamer.

In folders displayed in Streamer changed from Q:\Musik to Q:Musik

Afterwards Streamer added all entries again so they are available twice.

Since that moment I can't log in to Streamer anymore.

Helium database shows the same now.

(64.5 KB)
(416 KB)

Hi Martin,

I tried to replicate this on my database but have been unable to find a way to get to this state. Which database type are you using (if not the default SQL Server Compact)?

Database type was MYSQL.


Update: As this database was new, I simply deleted it and started a new one.

But the problem is related that the database under Streamer is not shown all tracks!

Yesterday I had
Tracks: 12883
Releases: 900
Artists: 196
shown under Streamer.

I added several 100 tracks (+ 700), PC was down, server down, helium down, music down ... over night.

Today streamer says:
13504 Tracks
957 Releases
204 Artists.

But DISPLAYED are only
12883 Tracks
898 Releases
186 Artists.

So Streamer can't display new added albums somehow. That's why I had chosen to updated library folders as these albums/tracks/artists seems to be missing. I will not updated via Streamer again as will lead to the same effect as before I guess. But today I could see that the files are not missing but only not displayed. For example. Yesterday I added Propaganda - A secret Wish.
Streamer does not show this album under releases!
Streamer does not show this group under artists!
But once I go to YEARS to 1985 the album is there!!!
From there I can switch to prodaganda as Artist and found all added new albums of this artist.
Under releases and artists it is still not there.


I believe this is due to the fact that Helium Streamer caches information to increase performance. This means that if you add music from Helium, the Streamer won't know if these until you restart the Helium Streamer service (or restart your computer).

This is something that we are working on how to solve in the best way.

As I said. computer and all was down, so Streamer service was down too and I restarted it today morning.


OK, then it must be something else. I would like to have a look at your database in order to find out what's wrong. Could you please perform a backup in Helium 12 and create a support ticket?

I just saw: Under Streamer on my mobile all new entries are there.
So, is it a matter of the computer I am listening right now (away from my home PC)?


It may be a browser cache issue. What browser do you use?



Are the numbers in the bottom left of the Streamer correct?

As a side note, we have managed to replicate the problem where duplicates ended up in the database. This problem has now been solved.

Yes, number of tracks in bottom left is correct. Releases (2) and artists (1) have minor differences.

So, do you still wish to receive the actual database?
The old database I deleted I did a back up before deleting. I could send you this one too?
Or how do we go on?


PS: Not only the PC at my work has this effect but my PC at home shows the same differences under Streamer, so it can't be on one machine only.


The best for us would be to get a hold of a database backup. Please create a ticket and attach a backup and we'll continue from there.

We have made several improvements to the add to database features in Helium Streamer and haven't heard of this problem in a while. Please let us know if you can still replicate it in Helium Streamer 3.1.

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