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New Script for assigning a collection to visible albums

 Title says it all.

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Note, no collection functions are yet exposed in the API.

We plan to introduce them before the release of 12.1 so that this script can be created (possibly not by us)

This is now possible with the new build:

Scrit documentation updated.

Attached are two sample scripts which demonstrates how to assign a single album to a collection or multiple albums to a collection.

No "nice" selection of a collection is implemented, only the first collection is used.

(158 Bytes)
(512 Bytes)
(161 Bytes)
(509 Bytes)
Can't download 12.0.14360.0.



Got it.


Scripts need to wait for the new API in order to be able to select collection, right?


Well, somebody can easily fix it by calling IEnumerable<NeonScriptAlbumCollection> AlbumCollections { get; } and let the user choose from one of the items.

The only requirement is build 14360 to use collections in scripts.

 I'm confused. Since the scripts were released together with 14360, why they are not full implemented?

The script was just quickly made for demonstrational purposes. The goal with this request was to expose collections for the Scripting API.

The scripts are not included in the installer yet, since we (or somebody else) might need to do more with them.

At least it is possible to use all functions now and extend the scripts.

Here's a very quick update, can of course be refined even more, but should do what you are requesting...

(791 Bytes)

This very quick update made all the difference.

Now I can do what I need.

Thank you.

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