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installing and configuring SQL on Windows

 Is there a guide for installing and configuring SQL on Windows? I thought there was one on the old forum but I can't find it. In any event I was hoping for something for SQL Express 2016.

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SQL Express 2016 is pretty straightforward to install. I think you can just follow the installation guide by clicking Next until it has been installed.

Now you can start Helium 12 and create a new database from the Database Management dialog (CTRL-D). 

  1. Go to the Sql Server tab.
  2. Click New.
  3. Type .\sqlexpress (a dot, a backslash and sqlexpress) in the Sql Server instance name box.
  4. Leave Options at Windows authentication.
  5. Type a database name (anyone you like) in the Database box.
  6. Leave the Image cache folder blank.
  7. Press OK.
Let us know if you run into any difficulties.

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Which package do I need.... Express Core, Express Advanced, or LocalDB. I'd like to install just what's needed for Helium.


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Express Core is enough.


What if I have SQLServer Express on my server? What should I do to connect to it?



You can connect to a SQL Server Express database if you know it's instance name (most likely SQLEXPRESS unless you changed it)


You need to have SQL server authentication enabled as well as a username and password also.

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