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Option to crop images when creating thumbnails

I would like to get an option, to crop images when creating thumbnails (right now the original ratio is used).

Isn't this the same as:

When thumbs are generated in a different aspect ratio they should be automatically cropped I think.

Well, no. Right now you create thumbnails without cutting parts of the image. You could do this in 16:9 too. The maximum image size would be 16:9, but could be different. Cropping means cutting parts of the image, so all thumbnails have the exact same size.

Given an input picture which is 500*500, it will be scaled down to 256*256 (or smaller depending on the user choise)

If a new setting using 16:9 is used, it will be scaled to 256*256 and then cropped from the center to 256*144.

Isn't this what you are requesting?

If not can give give me an example of the input data and the expected scaling.

I will create a few examples, when I'm back home later today.
Here are the samples showing thumbnails without and with cropping in 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9.


(207 KB)

Thanks, this was what I ment in my reply above. Might be wise to test in combination with the aspect modes.

I assume a setting like this will enforce ALL cached thumnbnails to be regenerated upon change?

Well, it doesn't have to - see the e-mail, that I've sent you. ;-)


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