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Option to crop images when creating thumbnails

I would like to get an option, to crop images when creating thumbnails (right now the original ratio is used).

Well, it doesn't have to - see the e-mail, that I've sent you. ;-)


I assume a setting like this will enforce ALL cached thumnbnails to be regenerated upon change?

Thanks, this was what I ment in my reply above. Might be wise to test in combination with the aspect modes.

Here are the samples showing thumbnails without and with cropping in 1:1, 4:3 and 16:9.


(207 KB)
I will create a few examples, when I'm back home later today.

Given an input picture which is 500*500, it will be scaled down to 256*256 (or smaller depending on the user choise)

If a new setting using 16:9 is used, it will be scaled to 256*256 and then cropped from the center to 256*144.

Isn't this what you are requesting?

If not can give give me an example of the input data and the expected scaling.

Well, no. Right now you create thumbnails without cutting parts of the image. You could do this in 16:9 too. The maximum image size would be 16:9, but could be different. Cropping means cutting parts of the image, so all thumbnails have the exact same size.

Isn't this the same as:

When thumbs are generated in a different aspect ratio they should be automatically cropped I think.

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