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Cannot edit "band/orchestra"-Tag

Cannot edit the band/orchestra-Tag in advanced tageditor (Helium 12.0.14361.0). I can write any text there or let it blank but after accepting the text before editing stands there - always the album artist. All other tags i can edit.

In some files band/orchestra-tag is grey, so i could not edit something.

And another little bug maybe:
Right click on an album at release view and choose edit tags - no function. Only when i click on the three dots after mouse over i can choose to edit tags.


If you have "Save album artist with full external compatibility" set then Band/Orchestra will be disabled and automatically assigned the value of album artist.

You can find more details here:

>>And another little bug maybe:

Thanks, we managed to reproduce this one and will analyse it further.

Thanks for this info! :) Fine!
But this field can´t be left blank, isn´t?


If the file contains a TPE2 tag it will be visible in that field, but you will edit it via the Album artist field.

The field itself will be read-only.

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