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Add a line with A-Z to the release view

To get quickly to the release i want listen to ...

See the picture.

I like this one a little, but if you have many releases I doubt it will help much since it will jump to the first item starting with that letter and then you manually need to locate the exact item you are looking for.

Have you tried to select an album and then start typing a name to locate it?

I've made a quick test on this one and I think it might actually help a bit on larger collections.

The letters are dynamically build and are therefore responsive to filters (picture two). A scrollbar will be shown when needed.


I will do some more tests during the next days to see if it's works OK or not.

What exactly will this do? Filter releases or simply jump to a position?


As the request says, jump to the first release starting with a specific character. Common ui element on Android/iOS devices.
Looks really nice Mikael and i think it´s helpful !!


Thanks Philipp.

It will unfortunately not be ready until the release of 12.1, more testing and fixes are neccesary.

I will continue with this during the next week and I can send you a test version then for initial testing.

Ths is now fixed and available from Albums, artists and lables view:

It can of course be activated/inactivated from Options > Visual.

Thank you very much Mikael!! Thats great!

Thumbs up! :)


It seems that the anker is not set on the right position. When i click on a letter sometimes helium jumps to a complete different letter or in the middle of a the letter (eg. click on "B" and i scroll up (!) 2 rows of releases "B"-Albumartists.
Maybe i make a mistake?


I do not seem to be able to reproduce this.

Can you please give additional reproduction details in a numbered step-by-step form together with screenshots if possible?

Also, please note that if you have sort order active and not displaying the sort order fileds, the visual output might be different, e.g:

1. Artist = The Prodigy, Sorting = Prodigy, The

1. Pressing P will show The Prodigy, since sorting is used to locate items, but shown as "The Prodigy"

I use ordering of the releases with this preference:
First: Artist   (Ascending)
then: Release   (Ascending)
then: Release year  (Ascending)

Here is a screenshot, what I see when choose the letter "S":


After restart helium and click on "S" again. Nothing happend. On the screenshot above you see the second line of the releases.

Ok Mikael, what if the sort fields tags are empty in my files?
Is that the mistake?


I cannot reproduce this, sorry.

Please open a support ticket and send me a backup of your database so that we can perform tests with the exact same data as you are using.

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