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New folder is not visible in Music Explorer Tree

1. When in Music Explorer / tree

2. You add new albums that are now in a new folder that was not visible in (1) tree

It's a pain to turn this new folder visible. The new albums are now visible in ADDED DATE. When clicking 3DOTS > BROWSE FOLDER IN MUSIC EXPLORER in any album also doesn't work.

Close and open Helium also doesn´t help.

It needs a kind of refresh.

What if you select the root folder, collapse it and press F5 and then expand it.

Will that work?

Can you describe the actual and expected result with text and/or apicture?

Had to recreate the situation. Doing that has no effect at all.


Was it possible to describe the expected and actual scenario?
Yes, sorry.
Well, the actual scenario was already stated.
I would expect that in Music Explorer/tree a new added folder (out of existent branches) would be shown automatically. I would expect a refresh of the tree.
The way I circumvent this is to call in releases view a new album that is contained in the new folder, then 3DOTS > Browse Folder in Music Explorer.

As the new folder is not shown I thought a picture would not be of much help and was not the better way to explain it.


Sorry I might have been a bit unclear from what I need, but is it for example:

Current view:



After adding d:\_untagged, _untagged does not show up or is it on another node level?

Current view:




After adding D:\ABC\NEW, folder NEW is not shown.

Ok, thanks. Now I exactly know what to test :)

I tried to reproduce this the following way:

1) Created a new database

2) Added a folder, d:\abc to the database. The folder contained three subfolders, A, B, C

3) Expanded the folders so that Library, d:\, abc was selected and expanded

4) In windows explorer, added a new folder, new, to the abc folder

5) Started the recording

6) Using Update library, selected to update the folder abc

As you can see in the video (link below), the new folder appeared after a, b and c.

So unfortunately I cannot reproduce this.

Yes, but you clicked in Update LIbrary.

All my collection is under ABC.

Talking about update with a dozen albums is one thing. Update the root of collection means update many thousands of folders would be a very heavy task an time consuming.

It could be shown in a more friendly way.

Can you please describe which steps I then need to perform to reproduce the problem you are talking about (what is different compared to my steps)?

I didn't clicked in update llibrary.


Ok, here's a video showing when I use Add instead of Update, which still works.

So please list your exact reproduction steps or record a video, since I have no reproduction case for this.

I see. All I can say is that it didn't worked for me. Maybe the weight of collection could make some difference, I don't know. By now, I will try to collect more information in order that you can reproduce it. Thanks.


FYI: I also tried the same for a larger collection (MySql, 141.000 tracks) and it behaved the same, working.

I'll close this ticket for now, if you can find a reproduction guide, please reopen the ticket.

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