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Artist View - Hide artists with small amount of tracks

 It may sound weird for some, but I'm sure big collection owners would understand what I mean:

In ARTISTS VIEW, I would like to be possible to hide artists with less than 10 tracks, in a simple example. This number could be set to any you desire.

In my collection, relevant artists correspond to 20% of total. 80% have small number of tracks. It's a small amount of tracks spread in a lot of artist names. They are artists that come in assorted artists CDs and result polluting artists view in a very bad way.

They should still be reacheble by filters and search though.

I believe that this feature may also help to overall helium performance.

It may not be exactly what you request but have you tried to switch to only showing "Album artists"? It's the disc icon on the toolbar.

It helped, but still have A LOT of artists with very small amount of tracks that still appear. A lot of them are in albums with "Various Artists" in "Album Artist" tag. Probably this is the reason why it still are shown.

Artists which only occurs in "Various Artists" albums should not show up when the "Album artists" filter is selected. It will however show all artists which have at least one "own" release.

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