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I am happy with Helium 12

 Everytime I come here I see the anterior post saying 'I am not happy with' Helium 12', and before buying I got a bit afraid of that I would possibly share this experience, after years of being a totally Helium anterior Versions fan.

But even with the Beta's there is almost a daily progress, reintegrating old loved  features, super fast support, and and and...

Beta's can crash, but not a single time I had a data loss.

Every step foreward Helium was more 'speedy' than before. Using the the right preferences with MariaDB and using the features that your system/graphics card can afford - Helium 12 is as fast as it can be!

I am torturing Helium the last two weeks in trying out anything, find errors sometimes, report them and get them fixed in a glance.

The release update that will come out next days is a real progress so don't miss it.

Truly there will be still some functions still not working totally at satisfaction, but they will 100% be fixed, and faster that is used to from other companies.

It is a fresh start but in an intelligent way done!

No - nobody pays me for that commentary, it's my sincere first impression.

If that changes I will post it too.

Thanks for the positive feedback Gunnar, feedback like this really helps us to happily continue the development of Helium and its related products!

Yes i`m not Happy with this Version, there are so many things that are working in the version 11 and now not, that what i`m not understanding.I`m an old user of helium since version 10 , but this version begins by 0.


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Hi Wolfgang,
I understand your point very well, I wasn't using Helium 11, my anterior version was fast, stable and fullfiilled most of my needs. So I spended more time in administrating and and organizing. I am in contact with Helium since Ver.5 if I remember well, so I can even as amateur imagine that at one point you can't transfer it to the new generation systems and PC's if also 11.5 is build up on the old architecture.
I miss  things or statistics too that worked with elder Versions. Again a new Version and my new database forgot that I have already 8 years history of listening my music.
But trulely comparing it to other available Music Managing programs, tell me a simple one that is as good as your 11.5 or the new 12? It may be right that for you at the moment (like I did too a long time without touching any update as a rule says never change a running system) is not the best moment to change your Version, from elder Versions it is and for Newbies it's the best choice at the moment.
So again it's not against you and your experience Wolfgang, I just wanted to state a positive critic as it's my sincere opinion.


@Wolfgang: If you can list WHICH functions that arew are not working and WHAT functions that you are missing, we can give you a better answer if these issues are solved or will be implemented.

At the moment it is unfortunately impossible to give you a better answer with the given information since it does not contains details about anything.


I bought helium 11 premium a few months ago and have been happy with.
But with helium 12 I am also NOT happy. One Click mostly produces one Bug or at least unexpected behavior. I am thinking to close the story and looking for something else. sorry, but I spend such much time in errors and reporting them - now its enough for me.
Since Helium 12 has been released my music-projects remain static. I am rare in time and I need a trustable software. Maybe I will look again to helium - for example in one year - again to check it... For my opinion it needs some time more to be comparable with Helium 11 in Quality and Functionalty. Sorry for that negative rating.


Anyone that runs into "unexpected behavior" or possible "bugs", please take contact with us over our Customer center for immidiate support.

That's the quickest way to solve a possible issue, sometimes it something simple like a workflow change, sometimes it may be related to imported (old) data which can generate effects.

We are of course answering bug reports/feature requests etc. in the forum also, but our Customer support is something included for paying users.

>> with Helium 11 in Quality and Functionalty.

Please let us know more about what you are missing so that we can keep to improve Helium. We have received some requests for you which will be included in todays release, but that might not be all.

I am using Helium 12 two weeks now and all bugs I reported have been eliminated really fast, some others problems I have comunicated they are working on now.
In my opinion it's a good future decision to work with this version (I am using Helium at least 200 days a year since 2008) and also compared with a variety of available other programs, but none of them got really near to fulfill my demands.