Helium 12.1 now officially available!

Hi Michel
I can not download the file. I have this error message!

404 - File or directory not found. The resource you are looking for might have been removed, had its name changed, or is temporarily unavailable.


The download link does not work?

Please retry.

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OK that works :)


I sorry to say, that Helium 12 is a big step back. 

Especially the software speed with an WIFI-NAS System is inacceptable.

@Wolf: We are interested to know more about this, since Helium 12 should behave in the opposite way - we are nowdays using the fully official database drivers for all database types instead of using third party components.

If you could provide us with more information (via support.imploded.com) we will assist you with this further.

We have made several performance comparissions for both Sql Server and MySql databases (loading of tracks, albums and artists) and these operations were profiled quicker with the same data compared to Helium 11.

Hi Mikael,

I am using a 4 TB Seagate NAS Server via WIFI connection to my notebook. 

I have got on this server a Music Archive with app. 50.000 tracks within 6000 albums.

It took HOURS! loading them all in Helium 12 (sql server compact) but thats not the real problem.

Choosing albums or artists, sorting titles, reading artist information, changing, tracks, creating playlists etc. are inacceptable slow by comparison to Helium 11.

By the way I am missing many tools, advanced function and options of Helium 11 as for downloading pics and data, tagging, external functions, playing engines etc.

Also creating an individual desktop is not as easy as on Helium 11.

Only the graphics are better on H12.



Hi Wolf,

Thanks for your feedback.

We really not recommend to use Sql Compact for that amount of data.

You should consider migrating to Sql Express (quicker adds) or MySql/MariaDb.

Helium 12 works with much more statistics per-view compared to Helium 11, which is slow on Sql Compact.

You can try to inactivate this from settings to see if it helps, but changing database engine is highly recommended.

It is possibly to easly migrate the data to a new engine using the import function.

>>By the way I am missing many tools, advanced function and options of Helium 11 as for downloading pics and data, tagging, external functions, playing engines etc.

Which exact functions should that be related to pictures? A tool similar (but quicker!) to mass download pictures and also single pictures is available.

External functions are available via scripts.

What we won't plan to implement and support is other playing engines like Winamp and Windows Media Player.

Hi Mikael,

thanks for quick reply and recommendations.

Ok, I will migrate to sql-express and let you know.

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