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Editing «Group Member» or «Member of» Artists crashes HMM

In the Navigation Pane when I click an Artist, then the 3 dots in the image, then I insert information on the «Group Member» or the «Member Of» tabs.

If I then click on any of the generated blue buttons and repeat this sequence with any of the newly created artists, as soon as I save these changes HMM shows a crash report message and then closes.

We have tried to reproduce this as described with the following version:

If you still can reproduce with this build, can you please describe the exact steps you perform in a numbered form so that we can test it in the exact way as you did?

Please start with a new database and only one artist so that it will be easy to track.


PS: Some logic is involved here if you are editing Group members, a member you are adding will automatically get the reverselink attached to him (member of in this case)

Tested with helium 12.1.14391.0 and everything seems to be working fine.

Thank you Mikael!


Thanks for the update Miguel, great to hear that it works now!

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