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Preview renamed files

It would be more practical if the texts of the old name and the new were the same size. It would be easier to compare them.

On the other hand, it could indicate that the file already exists with a color code? Thus each entry only occupy two lines and more items would be displayed (another option would be to add a column to the list with an indication that the names are coincident)


Implemented in next build, both text lines will have the same font-size (smaller) and background color will change if an error occurs

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Great, works fine :)

Path can be eliminated. We always have to pay attention to where exactly filename starts. Showing only filenames is a lot easier.


Path cannot be eliminated. It is important to show the source and destination paths if you have a workflow which involves having items "in progress" in a different folder/driver which should be moved to a specific structure on a NAS or such.

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