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Music explorer: Comma and option Explore...

When there is a comma in the name of the artist or album, it is not able to locate the directory and open My Documents

Do you mean the function "Explore" from the right-click menu? 


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I still happens the same with the new version, when there is a comma opens My Documents directory

Which database type are you using?


I just added the following path to a large MySql database:

D:\music\lp\adderley, cannonball\mercy, mercy, mercy!

I then expanded each level of it can I can properly right-click both "adderley, cannonball" and "mercy, mercy, mercy!" and get them to open the proper path in Windows explorer.

Which absolute path does your issue relates to?

(Edit: I also tested with this path in SQL Compact where it also works now)

F:\A\Academy Is..., The\Almost Here

I tried to reproduce this with your exact path and my MySql database with the only difference that I used D: instead of F: and all folders opened properly.

I used the most recent official version, 14399, just released.

Can you please see if it will occur with that version also and if so please open a support ticket since we will need to send you a special debug version.


The same problem :|

I open ticket

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