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Delete in song properties to be part of a playlist

In old Helium version it was possible to delete in song properties the playlists you don't want to have it anymore. Can this be implemented?

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This can now be tested in:

Please use this version with care - it is an alpha release which is not fully tested!

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The spanish forum is online. If you'll find any "strange" translations, please let me know.


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Works fine thanks!

@Juan Carlos existe un foro en español o un sitio donde hay plugins y scripts?


Well, I could easily add Spanish fora at - but I cannot moderate them.
So if either one of you is willing to be a moderator...

About the wiki:
Maybe the wiki can simply be used for multiple languages. But I have to think about that, it might lead to troubles...


Ok, you're right, I mistook the role of moderator with administrator. I think it's better than @Gunnar Konig moderate and revise the translation, if he want, of course.

Thanks for the support Sven :)

Hola Gunnar,

No, que yo sepa no. Han retomado el foro en alemán (que ya en la versión anterior tiene mucha actividad), pero no recuerdo que haya habido nada en español anteriormente ni ahora. Y no estaría mal :)


Hola Juan Carlos,

Participo en el foro aleman ya y estoy pensando quizas para el proximo año iniciar un foro en español si hay suficiente interes y gente que participaria.


Also it made in lack there to see what playlists is that track

Thanks, let's hope @Gunnar Konig says something :)

Ok, great

Hola Juan Carlos,
pues empezamos y veremos que pasara. Me sorportarias en la administracion?

Ok then let's start with the spanisch Forum, when it is created we open an extra thread here, to advice the people.


>>Also it made in lack there to see what playlists is that track

It should be visible if you are using the most recent version, build 14399 or do you refer to some other place?

Hola Gunnar, Pues es buena idea, personalmente me interesa aunque no sé con qué frecuencia podría participar. Quizá se podría crear una versión en español del foro y wiki que ha creado @Sven M. ( Así estarían agrupadas las comunidades de usuarios en el mismo sitio. Pero antes, tienes razón, habría que tener claro si merece la pena. Quizá se pueda hacer una encuesta entre los visitantes de este foro. @Sven M. We are talking about creating a forum for users of Helium in Spanish, and I think what perhaps could be create a Spanish version of the forum and wiki you have created. What do you think?
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