New alpha version of Helium 12 available

A new alpha version of Helium 12 is available for testing:

Major improvements:

  • Major performance improvements, especially related to startup 
  • Update library user interface changed so that certain folders/subfolders can be selected from a tree 
  • Possibility to update a specific folder from the Music explorer via the context menu 
  • Possibility to move multiple columns in the select columns dialog 
  • Rename files problems are better visualized 
  • Splitting: Possibility to delete source file 
  • Remaining/elapsed time mode in player remembered between sessions 
  • Playlists tab in File properties 
  • Possibility to remove a file from a playlist from File properties 
  • MySql/MariaDb settings are checked upon connect 
  • File owner available as a rename field and user column field 


Major bug fixes

  • Playlist information properly updated when deleting tracks from a playlist 
  • Various fixes when deleting tracks from a track list 
  • Date format presentation should use current Windows culture 
  • Music explorer properly updated when root nodes are included/excluded 
  • Various fixes to Restore 
  • File owner tag properly read in Tag editor 
  • Handling of incorrect text encoding in tags
  • Statistics bug fixes 

Please note that this version is an alpha version which contains untested areas that might have been affected by the changes above.

Therefore use copies of your files/database to ensure that no data is lost.

If you find something that does not seems to work correct, please report it to us via:

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