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Solved does not scrobble and i can't register my account again

Hello, I hope i'm right here. I use Helium Version 11.1. Since yesterday i can't scrobble anything with Helium, scorbbling with Spotify still works. So I tried to re-register, but it doesn't work. I got only the error report "Could not register your accout. Please verify your username and password are entered correct." And I'm sure both is correct. I hope you can help me. Best regards, Malte.

Short supplement: I tried to register my with Helium version 12 and I have the same Problem.


I just tested to register with my account in Helium 12 (most recent release) and then play some songs.

This works without any problems for me.

I also tested the same with Helium 11.5 (not this version is no longer supported) where it also worked without any problems.

Please open a support ticket for further assistance via:

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