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Tagging Download Function

 Almost none of my albums are being found when I use the download feature to tag tracks in edit mode.  Only the most popular artist are found.

I've tried refining search, it never helps.  These artists are on spotify, amazonm What plug-in is the download function using.

Also, when it download does return search results it does not show you what it will update to ensure it matches what you think your looking for (if you have prenamed song titles, album, etc.

This 12.1 auto tagging is not performing anywhere near as good as 11.5 was doing.

What changed?  Can it be fixed to actually find and auto tag our music?

Hello Bob,

We have tried to reproduce what you describe, unfortunately with no luck. No tags were lost at all during our test and data was properly in sync.

To get further assistance, please open a support ticket from: 

Please include information about:

1) Your exact reproduction steps, in a numbered form

2) Which exact version of Helium 12 you are using

3) Which database type you are using.


Not only is HMM 12.1 finding albums very often, but in the background it is changing song titles to no longer match the file (that is still in the fine name).  I have gone over 1 album 3 times changing the song tile to match the file name (which is correct song) and then manually updated the tracks to be in sync with the album.  When I save the tags and view the album, the song tiles are mysteriously changed again to the wrong file.  I never remember this happening with HMM 11.5 and 12.1 is destroying my music collection.  There is nothing more frustrating than song titles not matching the actual song.


Hi Bob,

This function downloads track information for an album, not only single-tracks.

If you would like us to test out a scenario for some specific files which used to work in Helium 11.5, please open a support ticket and share the files with us. Then we will be able to give you a more exact answer.

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