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What previous existing feature are you missing the most? (Survey)

1) Possibility to adjust tags on files without the need of adding them to the database

2) Folder synchronization for more simplified synchronization with external devices

3) Gapless playback

4) Crossfade

Please rank your answers in order 1-4, with most important first, e.g.:





For other features not included in this survey, please post them as separate tickets.

Thank in advance you for your participation!

 @Mikael your workflow is good that way but what I disliked also in previor versions is that by importing all information that is in Tags is guarded to Helium too, example I have more defined music styles than Rock Pop Folk but after import all this nonsense that I am correcting in my Tags, appears in Helium Pull-down menus from then. And I like to have just the keywords that I am really using there. Also once imported "Alternative rock" instead of "Alternative Rock" there is no way to correct it again to my capital spelling.

This was since I use Helium the reason why I edited Tags by Drag and Drop to actual playlist and imported music to database after everything was right.

@zax: This file-based architechture simply does not fit into the tree in a good way since the rest of the tree is database driven from behind (a so-called view mode).

Possibly an entirely new can be used for this which allows for both a tree and a track-list. We'll see. The other way is to do something like MP3 tag where you set a specific folder to work with.

@Gunnar: You can correct/remove invalid entries from Tools > Options > Contents. Applies to any editable field with a drop-down selector.

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@Mikael yes but I does not affect capital letters, I already tried it,
and checking and deleting invalid entries causes a lot of more work because after some new imports all the mess is there again.


thank you Mikael for the explanation. as you can probably guess my preferred choice out of a new view with tree support and use of a specific folder would be a new view with tree support. this would be much more flexible than using a specifc folder. thank you once again, it's good to see development being user driven here.

Thanks for all input. We will do some more tests to see how performance and function will be, but if it will be tree-based it will most likely be a new view, with some tool support as in earlier Helium versions.

@Mikael, I would be ok with a new view for an explorer/folder structure . I think it would be nice as a completely separate view to keep the idea of music that is in the database separate.  I think that would be an improvement on v11 which has everything accessible in the music explorer whether it's in the database or not.  The essential functions would be for it to work like it does in version 11, to show me the music files in a specific folder via a list and the tags (with custom columns) each file has as well as a way to open the advanced tagger so I can tag these files.  Oh and file copy, rename and move functions obviously.

Sometimes I tag music and add it directly into the music database and sometimes I just use Helium as a tagger and/or player and then sometime in the future I may or may not put this music into the database.  I can't just use another tagging software because I've become dependent on the Helium only tags of remix and album version. I have albums in folders in different places (for various reasons) so having access to a file tree would be preferable to having to move files into a specific folder.

That would be my 2 cents on the matter

Gapless playback and crossfade is now available in an alpha state.

If you are interesting in testing it now already, please contact us.





We have some news on these topics, more details will appear in a post on our blog soon.

Gapless playback and crossfading is almost completed. We are still working on some things, but the most is OK.

The entire playback engine has been rewritten to use hardware mixing (when Wasapi is used) to achive these functions.

Parallell to this we have started to work on a completely new view for browsing of files not in the Library.

At the moment it lets the user select a folder to scan recursively for files, which will be displayed in a tracklist.

The tracklist will show via a column if the file exists in the Library or not since the view can display both files that are in the library and files that are not in the library.

What we are focusing on now is to add compatibility to several tools so that they can work with files that are not in the library(adjusting of tags, analysing etc.). It should be possible to edit a mixture of files that are not in the library and in the library at the same time - Helium will automatically update items the library for items in the library and just tags on other items.

A tree view is not in the scope for the initial release, direct editing (Premium feature) will possibly be allowed.

When it comes to a folder synchronization tool we are reviewing a couple of design ideas to identify a good workflow.

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As Mikael mentions, we are currently reviewing design ides for the device/folder synchronizarion feature. We want your feedback on this. Please go to the following post and let us know what the critical features are in this function:

>>Gapless playback and crossfading is almost completed. We are still working on some things, but the most >>is OK.

>>The entire playback engine has been rewritten to use hardware mixing (when Wasapi is used) to achive >>these functions.

i would say you are a great Developer :) i whould say you are a great Developer :)


Thanks Emil :)

Ok, gapless playback, crossfading and the My computer view can now be tested in our new beta:

Visualization works after Change to Wasapi?

i have not test the last beta.


@Emil: I tested some visualizations that works on my machine (not all of them did earlier) and they still works with the beta.

If you fins any oddities, please report it via the support.