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Streamer for Android hangs

Installation is HMM 12.2, downloaded and installed today, Streamer 3, downloaded and installed today, and Android Streamer latest version from Play Store downloaded and installed today.

Streamer 3 on the Win 10 end seems to be working fine.  I can connect using Chrome from my android phone and play songs OK.  Other computers can connect as well.

But, the Android app starts, asks for port data, and then says that the app will not work without an Internet Service, then hangs and there is no option but to uninstall.

I did NOT test with the Internet service of HMM 12.2, because I want the access the streamer through Streamer 3 service without HMM 12.2 running. This is supposed to work, right?  

Was I supposed to enable the internet service in HMM 12.2 anyway?

Tested with the HMM 12.2 Web service, on a different machine.  Made sure to open firewall port by clicking the button in HMM 12.2.  Android app fails with "Connection Failed!  Check your settings".

You should connect to the Helium Streamer 3 address and port. Helium is no longer supported as a host for streaming to apps.

Can you please send us a screenshot of the error in the Android app?

I went to take the screenshot and everything worked.  I think I understand my problem...  With the old streamer, my users didn't have passwords.  Streamer 3 does not seem to function if the user has no password.  I think I created this issue before I realized users need passwords.

So, everything is working and I am very happy with Streamer 3 + Android app v. 4.00

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