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Change in scrobble logic


Can we have a configurable setting such that the track is submitted to only when 50% of the track is played as it used to do in Helium 10. Currently in Helium 12 it submits the track even if I play the track for 10 secs and skip it.




The logic for submissions to follows their designed rules:

  • The track must be longer than 30 seconds.
  • And the track has been played for at least half its duration, or for 4 minutes (whichever occurs earlier.)

The only thing that happens when a track is played is that a notification is send to to display "Currently playing", this is not the same as an actual scrobble.

Hi Mikael,

I understand that currently p[laying is different from the actual scrobble.

The behaviour which you describe is what I want and expect (and it works like this in Helium 10)

But Im using Helium 12.2.14463 and it sends the actual scrobble (not currently playing) even if I play the track for 15 secs.

Attached screenshot. Please check the second and third track in that. I have played them both for less than 30 secs still it is listed in the scrobble.

I am using Helium 12.2.14463  on Windows 10 with mysql if this helps.


(52.5 KB)

Please retest with this release:

Thanks. Works as expected in this release

Hi Mikael,

I am using 12.3.14575.0

The Lastfm logic only works correct for the first track played. For the next track onwards it scrobbles within seconds of the track played and doesnt wait for 50% to be played.

Reproduction Steps:

1) Have a list of songs to be played

2) Let the first track play till 50% and let it scrobble to lastfm

3) Press next track via the playback controls and wait for 5-10 secs and this track will also be scrobbled to lastfm


Thanks for your report.

This issue is fixed for the upcoming hotfix, which is planned to be released in the end of this week.

If you would like to test it before it is officially released, please open a support ticket.

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