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Missing adding dates in music explorer

I have updated a folder from within the music explorer. During this multiple files have been added today (2016-12-10) - see picture "mysql.png".

But even after restarting Helium there's no node in music explorer->Added date for this date - see picture "helium.png".

Windows 10 Pro x64

Helium 12.2.14463.0

MariaDB 10.1.9

(3.01 KB)
(7.32 KB)

What if you collapse the Added date node and then press F5?

If you then expand the node again, it should have been force rebuilt.

OK, so I collapsed the node and hit F5 - and could not expand it again, because the little triangle was missing.
After a restart the triangle is back and the new node is available.

But I think, a force rebuilt should be done automatically after updating (a part of) the library, shouldn't it?!


Absolutely. I tried to reproduce this behaviour myself, unfortunately with no luck.

The date appeared correctly.

If you can find a reproduction pattern which always will generate this behavior, please report it as a support ticket so that we can analyse it further.

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