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Similar Artists can be improved

In Artist view (artist detail), when we click in "Similar", returns all artists, even the ones that are not present in our collection (with zero tracks). This makes more difficult to clearly choose what I can listen right now.
I think many things can be done about "similar", so here are some thoughts:

1. I would like to be able to see the Similar list before clicking into it (maybe just hovering the mouse (text list))
2. I think that would be nice that I could see the list divided: Artists in collection + Artists out of collection (this helps to search for new music)
3. When clicking in Similar, returning all artists, I would like see only artists present in my collection. I like to know other new artists, but in this view it doesn't help at all. Would use #2 instead.

It sounds like you are requesting a feature that simply would filter out artists not in your collection when working with similar artists ? 

In my opinion no filter is necessary, it could be by default. But as I mentioned earlier, I appreciate to know the similar artists that I don't have in my collection. In this case, it could be kind of a list. Today we have all of them scrambled, artists with tracks and a lot of artists with no tracks, and this is not good for user experience. I would like to see similar artists in list form, sorting out artist in collection and artists not in collection (maybe color?).
The same should be done for "Influenced by" and "Group members".

I think this should be done by getting rid of the "buttons" in artist details (and also release details) and moving these information into tabs.
There you could easily create pages where at first all similar artists (influenced by / group members) are shown, which are part of the database, and then those, that are not. (Similar as "Albums", "Anthology" etc. are separated on the Discography page).

Svens suggestion is a quite complex one since it would require a total resign and load-on-demand logic (it's no prefered to load all data at once), but it is also the most powerful.

I think that grouping per-page with artists in the collection and not in the collection is perfered.

Rather low-prio at the momement since a lot of other is ongoing, but might be interesting for future releases.

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