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load-on-demand logic / load-in-background logic

This is a feature request that arises from this one.

>> load-on-demand logic

I think this is a really necessary feature - or even better create a load-in-background logic.

In general I think, that Helium 12 responds too slow on almost every click - simply because it needs to load lots of data.

Bring the new view as soon as possible, though you will need to show "Loading data. Please wait..." much more often.

I think about this kind of logic:

1) load only the necessary details when opening the artist details - the artist's data
1-b) maybe check which tabs might be omitted
2) show the details page, below each tab show "Loading data - please wait..." or the spinning disc
3) now run a separate background task for each tab to collect its data
4) when the data for a tab is collected, update the tab

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