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There's something wrong with view-history

1) start helium

2) select "artists view"

3) select "genres view"

4) select "releases view"

5) double click a release

6) click "back"

---> the view "release details" is reloaded, though I'd expect to see "releases view"

7) click "back"

---> "releases view" is shown

8) double click another release

9) click "back"

---> again the "release details" is reloaded

10) click "back"

---> "genres view" is shown, "releases view" is lost

11) select a genre, double click an artist

12) click "back"

---> "artist details" is reloaded

13) click "back"

---> "releases view" is shown?!

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This one is corrected in the upcoming beta.

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